Photo FAQ

How to get started:

You’ll need a good quality digital photo or image. For a photo, it’s better to start with the original image from a digital camera, not one found on the Internet.  Just upload your photo -  you will be given size choices appropriate for the quality of the image. If you need a high resolution photo for printing large pieces, there are thousands of photographic images of every imaginable subject to choose from in Niche Photography.


My photo is old and not digitized

Scan your photo(s) at the highest resolution possible, at least 300 dpi.  Or if you don’t have a scanner, take your photo(s) to your local copy store and have them scanned and sent to your computer. Now you can upload!


What are the differences in Paper types?

We use Epson Professional Media, manufactured in the USA. Available in the following Premium Papers:


Lustre Photo Paper – Wedding, portrait and school photographers have traditionally used luster paper for their photos. This very popular choice delivers vivid, lifelike images.


Metallic Photo Paper –  Epson Metallic Photo Paper Luster is the newest edition to Epson's robust portfolio of photographic media, featuring a unique metallic surface look that provides an extreme sharpness and depth.


Fine Art (Watercolour) Paper -  “Somerset Velvet” by Epson, this 100% cotton, acid-free paper is the first choice among serious artists and printmakers. When used as a print media for photography, a softer more artistic feel is presented compared with the sharpness of photo paper.


How Accurate will the Colours be?

The colours of your photo art will be very accurate to the true colour of the image itself. We constantly calibrate our systems to ensure the truest colour match possible.  Having said that, most home and office computer monitors are not calibrated and thus do not display colours accurately. In most cases, monitors artificially enhance the colours being displayed. The good news is that when you receive your photo, you will notice that the photo looks a lot more like what you remember in your mind and real life than what you see on your computer screen!


What types of Photos are recommended to print on Canvas?

Most photos look fabulous on our Canvas, which is 100% cotton & archival quality. Canvas itself has a slight weave texture so in cases where there are many people in the photo and it will be printed at a fairly small size - we would probably recommend printing on photo paper rather than canvas. Our canvas art is sealed with a liquid laminate finish to impart UV protection and a rich, lustrous finish. This is an extra step that really sets the exquisite quality of our Canvas Giclée apart from the competition.


Why does it take 2-3 weeks for our canvas to be completed?

Our process is quite  different than anyone else.

We use archival pigmented inks on fine art canvas and have to make sure our inks are cured before we UV liquid laminate the canvas. Giving them a lustrous protective finish, making them archival, and basically indestructible. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and even if water is accidently splashed on to the canvas it can be easily cleaned.

BUT I need it in 2 days?

We can do this too, we would still use our pigmented inks but onto our ECO Canvas. Same amazing color gamut, but this canvas is more delicate. This option isn’t laminated and can’t be exposed to sunlight or weather elements.
Please call for pricing.